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Finca with park

Parkland Finca Lanzarote


The huge multilevel garden is the heart of our Finca - a perfect place for rest and recreation, but also inspiration - not only for nature lovers.



Green oasis Lanzarote - garden architecture corresponding to nature



Feel charmed by an impressing garden architecture, a high diversity of species and a breathtaking flowerage.

A green oasis within a landscape which seems to be strange and bizarre at first sight, comparable to a moon landscape....



Garden architecture corresponding to nature



Our garden architecture is corresponding to Lanzarote nature - all garden walls and pathes seem to have always been there...



A walk in the park - heading to the pool



Places to be comfortable and to feel good... relaxation, inspiration and technical comfort: free WIFI on the complete Finca.



Sunbed - Casa Feliz


One of this charming places in our Finca is the Sunbed which is exclusively reserved for our guests of Casa Feliz. Relaxation, inspiration and a beautiful sea view...



Lovely evening ambiance...



Only a few further steps to our cosy sitting lounge - yet another oasis in our large multilevel garden... This place also belongs to Casa Feliz.



Cosy sitting lounge within abundant vegetation - Casa Feliz



A walk in our park is a great pleasure: Here you find lots of blooming and endemic plants, trees, palm-trees, cactus and spurge family. A paradise for nature lovers!



Garden architecture corresponding to nature



This parting of the ways is a central point of our park leading starlike to its different levels. 


Central point of the garden...



Time to rest? Our Full-moon bench in the upper garden level is waiting for you - offering you a fantastic sea view.



Dreamlike panoramic view from our 'Full-moon bench'



Stairway to another beautiful place: If you promenade through the access balcony, you reach our new holiday villa Casa La Concha.



A walk in the park - our garden paradise on Lanzarote



Our 'emperor's bed' - a second sunbed with fantastic panoramic view, highly situated in the garden. This sunbed belongs to Casa La Concha.



'Emperor's bed' - highly situated with fantastic panoramic view - La Concha



The multilevel garden architecture is adapted to the natural location on a slope. Comfortable pathes and stairs facilitate a quick and easygoing access to the different levels.



Multilevel park - adapted to the natural landscape



Access to the barbecue terrace of Casa La Concha, highly situated in the garden of the Finca - garden architecture consistent with nature.



Access to the top level



Our cosy barbecue terrace on the top garden level - quietly and separately situated. This terrace also belongs to Casa La Concha.



Casa La Concha - Cosy barbecue terrace on the top garden level



We hope we could arrouse your curiosity with our selection of photos. Maybe you'd like to accompany us on a walk in our park.



Green oasis Lanzarote - charming multilevel park



A Walk in the Park

Please join us for a walk in our park...


Pool Terrace and Summer Kitchen

...the dream of living outdoors:

Completely equipped summer kitchen with barbecue... Large pool terrace with ping-pong, kicker...


Across the Finca

...Finca and entrance area:

First impressions of house and garden...



...a moonlight-picnic in nature:

Enchanted place highly situated in the Finca... Full-moon bench and wind-protected seats and sunbeds with beautiful panoramic view...


Finca at Night

...romantic evening ambiance:

Night walk in the park...


Casa Feliz

Holiday Villa Lanzarote

Holiday villa

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

from 980 € / Week


Casa Cora

Holiday Villa Lanzarote

Holiday villa

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

from 840 € / Week


Casa de Niro

Holiday Villa Lanzarote

Holiday villa

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

from 695 € / Week


Casa Roco

Holiday Home Lanzarote

Holiday house - complete or individual:

Roco I:  

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

from 735 € / Week

Roco II: 

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

from 695 € / Week

Roco III: 

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

from 490 € / Week